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Every project is different, because this is about you and your family's story, so we need to find out as much as possible to provide a quote.

Your personal information is always treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Fill in the below form with the required information and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Please allow 48 hours to receive the quote.

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Section 2: Ancestral Writing - Research Requirements

Please indicate the level of research you wish BES to carry out on your behalf:

The research is complete (no additional research required) and I can supply everything.

The research is incomplete, so I would like BES to follow up on additional leads that I may not have discovered already.

I have done little to no research and require BES to carry out the entire research process.

Additional comments:

How many generations have you researched?:

Has your research travelled beyond Australia?

Through your research, what states, suburbs and towns in Australia have your ancestors lived in?

Through your research, what countries have your ancestors come from?

Section 3: Ancestral Writing - Final Product Information

Please indicate how many copies of the final product you want:

Please indicate how you would like your finished product to be presented:

A5 bound book/booklet on 130 gsm gloss paper, and delivered via Australia Post.
NOTE: This option is best for high volume copies.

A4 wire bound book/booklet on 130 gsm gloss paper, and delivered via Australia Post.
NOTE: This option is the most economical for a bound book, because it is not stitched or perfect bound.

Word document delivered via e-mail.

Web page format saved on CD and delivered via Australia Post.

Section 4: Ancestral Writing - Material Information

Please indicate what material you would like to include.
NOTE: you must own the copyright or obtain copyright permission on each item for it to be included:

Photos that I have collected and will supply

Photos that BES have found during research

Certificates that I have collected and will supply

Certificates that BES have found during research

Other images, such as artwork, that I have collected and will supply

Additional comments:

Any other comments:

Thank you!