We understand the difficulties facing writers and trying to find the motivation and time needed to write. That’s why we invite you to join our Targets and Goals Club. Joining is as easy as filling in the form – no joining or membership fees.

Writing can be a lonely occupation and often family and friends don’t understand the writing passion. Do you yearn for someone who helps keep you motivated, especially when it’s easier to watch television than it is to create your own masterpiece? Think of us as that encouraging friend who understands your passion for writing and your desire to be published.

We create targets that will help move you forward to complete your writing goal. Your goal might be a novel, short stories, non-fiction work, poetry, or whatever your writing project is. The targets may be, for example, writing for an hour a day on your project.

Coming up with targets is the easy part. Actually achieving those targets takes determination and motivation. Life, people, and procrastination can hinder the best intentions to write, but it’s a little harder to break targets when you have to admit it to someone. That’s where we come in. Emailing us daily/weekly of your progress will help to keep you focused on your targets that will lead to achieving small goals, which turns into reaching your ultimate goal.

We will remind you of your targets and encourage you to keep striving for your goals. Some times all it takes is knowing someone cares about what you’re doing that makes the difference.

Please note: this is not a mentoring service. This is to encourage you to work to targets.