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Ancestral Services – Write Your Story

There’s a growing trend for people to research their ancestors before the information is lost forever. After painstakingly researching your family’s history, you have mountains of certificates, shipping records, war records, old photos, and information collected from family members. All those historic facts fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to form a bigger picture, but does it tell the full story?

Would you love to have all those facts transformed into a story for future generations?

Imagine it! All that treasured information poured into a non-fiction book full of emotion and turmoil. You want more than a mountain of facts; you want the story too, but does the thought of writing it yourself sound scary and time-consuming?

We can write it for you!

Allow our creative skills to turn your researched facts into a story full of heart-warming moments, tragic loss, and exhilarating triumphs. You can pass on so much more to your grandchildren and future generations than just an assortment of documents.

It’s your story or your family’s story and no one else’s. It was your great, great-grandfather who fell in love and married your great, great-grandmother. It was your ancestor who was dragged from his sweetheart to fight in the war. It was your great grandmother who set sail in search of a better life with nothing more than her dreams and determination.

Everybody’s story is different; therefore, each story is unique and should be treated as such. So, if you don’t have a writer burning inside of you, but still want your facts turned into a story then we can help.

The more facts you have then the more we have to work with; however, we can carry out additional research on your behalf.

Each story is unique; after all it’s about you and your family. It can include:

  • a family tree
  • chapters devoted to individuals or events
  • information on the towns involved
  • and more.

Your completed story

The finished project can be available as a Word document, web-based format saved on CD, or a bound copy. You can order as many bound copies and CDs as you like, we’ll organise it all for you and have it shipped to your door. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


A printed format looks like a normal book; however, the story is about your family with your treasured photos. For a more economical option, the book can be wire bound.

There are two options for the cover: a plain cover with a title or an image and a title. Wouldn’t your family’s tale be the most cherished book on your bookshelf?

Alternatively, the story is saved on a CD, which appears as web pages – click a button to go forward or back or jump to chapters. The beauty about having your family’s story saved onto a CD is that you’re not paying for printing cost.

Family Tree Research

Here are a few tips on researching your ancestors:

  • It’s best to start with you and work backwards through the generations.
  • Have a written plan – it’s easy to get sidetracked.
  • Search for old photos and check the backs, as some may contain handwritten notations on them.
  • Don’t rely on one piece of information to identify a name or age of a person. People are notorious for changing their ages, or going by a nickname or even their second name.
  • Consider alternative spellings; not everyone could spell correctly or even write, because they couldn’t afford a proper education.
  • Words and names can vary according to the country or even the era.

We love research, so if you want to track your ancestors’ pasts but don’t have the time, we can carry out the research for you.

We access subscription-based and public databases while searching for records pertaining to your family. To name a few, we search through birth, death, marriage, mining and war records; ships’ passenger lists; and the National library’s archives.

People carrying out their own research are often confronted with large subscription fees to obtain the required information from databases. When we conduct the research for you, there are no subscription fees. We charge an hourly fee that covers our research time. You have control as to how much and when research is conducted. Copies of records incur extra costs.

To get the best saving: provide as much information as possible to start the initial research and to avoid false leads. For example, provide your name, your sibling and parents along with the place of birth and any dates.

Personal details are handled confidentially and are used to research your family tree. Personal details are not stored past the duration of the project’s completion and are disposed off in a responsible way. Read more about how your privacy is protected.

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