Broad Editing and Services

Broad Editing and Services, established in 2004, is there when you want improvement services, publishing assistance or writing and research services. We provide information to increase your knowledge, and encourage you to be a better writer. We aim to inspire and educate.

Mission Statement

Broad Editing and Services helps writers on their quests to publication while providing a friendly yet professional sounding board, especially to those who feel isolated or don’t have the correct writing support.

We take pride in providing quality services to historic sites and those wishing to preserve their families’ stories. It ‘s our mission to remember those who helped shape Australia.

Where your story comes first!

Why should you choose us?

Broad Editing and Services provides quality work at reasonable rates. We have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in writing, editing, critiquing and the publishing industry.

We want to build a rapport with you, offer assistance, and help guide you through the world of writing. We want you to be completely delighted with our dedication to you that you tell fellow writers about us and the wonderful experiences you’ve had with us.

Customer service is more than words to us. We are ready to adapt to the individual’s needs. We really do care about your project, and we want you to be successful. We encourage our customers to share their writing journeys with us.

We are an Australian business, so all work is conducted in Australia. If you call or email us, then you’re dealing directly with us and not a call centre in a different country.

We respect your confidential work!