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Ghosts of Our Pioneers: Investigations into the Paranormal

Have you ever heard footsteps coming down the corridor or other noises while you’re alone in the house? Maybe you’re living with a ghost.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die?

Have you wondered, hoped even, that there was more to death than dying?

Without prior knowledge of previous owners or happenings, a team of mediums known as the Spookspotters investigate historic locations within Victoria, Australia. They interact with ghosts and obtain impressions while other team members collect scientific evidence. The information is analysed, researched, and findings revealed – all in the pursuit to prove life after death.

The mediums share fascinating stories as they encounter pioneers who had come from all over the world and had a strong influence in Australia’s growth. But it doesn’t stop there. Other team members, who do not share the mediums’ talents, encounter things that resist logical explanations.

An extract from Ghost of Our Pioneers: Investigations into the Paranormal appeared in Inland Splendour, a magazine for tourists.


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‘I have just finished reading this book. Wow, what a book! I could not put it down. It is amazing. Oh, how I wish I could have been at all of these investigations. I loved the history it told as well as the individual stories as received on the investigations. I love anything historic and this book has it all.

‘It was amazing to read about the characters depicted and what they felt they needed to express and pass on while they were communicating with the team. This is just so phenomenal! What an insight. I loved every little word.

‘Congratulations to everyone concerned and well done. This book will be readily available to anyone who wants to read about the paranormal at the B&B we’re building. I have learnt so much about the properties mentioned and the insight gained is priceless. Once again, congratulations to all concerned.’
– Colleen

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