Broad Editing and Services

Obtain a quote

To submit work to us, you will require a quote first. You can request a quote by:

  • filling in the online form relevant to the service you require or
  • sending us an email with your requirements.

We will need a sample of work for our editing, proofreading and memoir refinement services, which can be email to us or posted to our address.

For short stories – send three to five pages as your sample.
For larger works, such as novels – send three chapters as your sample.

A quote will be emailed to you. Please allow two business days from sending the request and sample to us.

Please indicate your delivery preference when requesting a quote.

Changes to a quoted project 

It’s important to send us the project that was quoted without additional changes. If you work on your project after receiving the quote and before sending it to us, then the project has changed and the original quote becomes void. A new quote will be required based on the changed project.

Book a job in

Once you have received a quote and you’re ready to proceed, the job will need to be booked in. Contact us and we will book your job in and provide an estimated completion date. Send us the required material prior to the commencement date, so work can begin on time; otherwise, it may delay the completion date.

To accurately book a job in, we require the following information:

  • customer’s name, address, and contact details
  • quote number
  • total word count
  • the type of service required (e.g. editing)
  • description of submitted work (e.g. fictional short story aimed at teens)
  • how completed work is to be delivered
  • if applicable, how original work is to be returned
  • payment method
  • any additional information that you think might be beneficial.

Send material to us

You can send your manuscript or other material to us via:

  • email

Send material as PDF or Word attachments; however, work intended for editing must be in Word. Please contact us for any other file formats.

  • upload large files to provided link

For large files that cannot be sent through email, we will send you a link to upload the files.

  • standard mail

Broad Editing and Services, PO Box 4394, Langwarrin VIC 3910, Australia.

  • courier

Contact us and we will arrange a courier. This option is for projects that contain multiple paper files, such as family tree records and photos.

Delivery guidelines

Your original material will be returned to you via standard mail.

The completed project will be delivered according to your preferred option:

  • electronic file via email
  • electronic file saved on CD or USB flash drive sent via standard post or (if applicable) courier
  • hard copy (printed material) via standard post or (if applicable) courier.


We accept payments via PayPal, money orders and cheques made out to Broad Editing and Services, or contact us for alternative payment options.

We require full payment before the project can be released.